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Titel Microfungi on Miscellaneous Substrates, An identification handbook
AuteursEllis, M.B.; Ellis, J.P.
UitgeverRichmond Publishing
Prijs € 59,50
Jaar van uitgifte1998; 2017 ongewijzigde herdruk
246 pagina′s

This edition of Microfungi on Miscellaneous Substrates (originally published in 1988) is issued in facsimile form with a new foreword by Professor David Hawksworth CBE, minor corrections to the text and an extended and updated bibliography. In Microfungi on Land Plants, Martin and Pamela Ellis described and illustrated species of fungi found on living and dead flowering plants, ferns, horsetails and clubmosses. The book is now recognised as a landmark in the mycological literature and has become a standard reference work for identification purposes. However, many substrates other than land plants have their own characteristic fungi, which are often difficult to identify through usual taxonomic channels. They are much more easily tracked down when keyed out and described in small specialised habitat groups. Microfungi on Miscellaneous Substrates therefore considers those fungi which occur on mosses, other fungi, soil, dung etc. Simple keys to genera and species are provided throughout. Groups of fungi covered include discomycetes, other ascomycetes, hyphomycetes, coelomycetes, phycomycetes, a comprehensive treatment of coprophilous fungi and, mainly on bryophytes and fungi, a few small basidiomycetes. There are descriptions of about 730 species and over 500 original line illustrations. The book therefore represents an essential addition to the professional and amateur mycologist's library.