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Titel The genus Hygrocybe, Fungi of Northern Europe, volume 1
AuteursBoertmann, David
UitgeverSvampetryk / Nordsvamp
Prijs € 48,00
Jaar van uitgifte2017 2de druk
184 pagina′s

The editors are very pleased to present a second, revised edition of volume one in the series Fungi of Northern Europe, dealing with one of the most attractive genera within the gilled mushrooms. The Hygrocybe-volume has been out of print for some time, and the first edition is now so old that new information has accumulated demanding a thorough revision of the book. We have also taken the opportunity in collaboration with the author to add many new pictures. Waxcaps still suffer from serious decline in many parts of northern Europe. The threats to their habitats have increased during the recent years, due to loss of habitat quality in many parts of northern Europe. It is our hope that the book will continue to be a strong tool in helping conservation efforts within the region. Within the next few years we will probably see a huge change in how genera are defined within the Hygrophoraceae and we may well loose a series of familiar names, but in this volume the whole variation is still accepted within one broadly defined genus. We thank the author for all the time he has devoted to producing this fully revised edition.