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Titel Violas of Britain & Ireland, BSBI handbook No 17
AuteursPorter, Michael & Foley, M.
Prijs € 27,00
Jaar van uitgifte2017 maart
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All species and hybrids occurring in Britain and Ireland are given full descriptions. The taxa included comprise 15 species (10 violets; 5 pansies) and 11 hybrids (8 violets; 3 pansies). Each species description includes a detailed list of its characteristics; data, with map, on its distribution; habitat requirements; conservation; NVC communities; associated species; first record in Britain & Ireland. Notes on interesting facts are also given. A section follows on infraspecific taxa and hybrids with details, where applicable, of any varieties. The accepted hybrids are given separate accounts which include tables comparing the main characteristics of the hybrid to those of its parents. Introductory material includes a full key to all the taxa included. This is complimented by an illustrated key to the violet species and, for each similar pairs of both violets and pansies, a list of the key differences between them. Also included are a glossary of botanical terms used and a full bibliography.

Illustrated with colour photographs throughout. Detailed line drawings.