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Titel Wildflowers of mainland Greece, Recommended botanical excursions in mainland Greece, including Peloponnese
AuteursFlohe, Johannes
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Jaar van uitgifte2015
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Taschenbuch – 1. September 2015 von Johannes Flohe (Autor), Susan Horrocks (Übersetzer)

The author's botanical excursions have taken him as far as the tropical rain forests of Borneo. In Europe, the rich flora of Greece and the Greek islands have been a constant allurement for him. Together with his wife he has combed the island of Crete on a dozen of trips, resulting in his first book “Crete - a unique paradise of flowers”. This book appealed both to hobby botanists and professional botanists which is why he - again accompanied by his wife - went 14 times to mainland Greece. As in his book about Crete it is his intention in this book as well to present to you the beauty and variety of the Greek flora.