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Titel The Reptiles of the Western Palearctic; Volume 2, 2. Annotated checklist and distributional atlas of the snakes of Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia, with an update to the Vol. 1
AuteursR. Sindaco, A. Venchi, & C. Grieco
Prijs € 84,00
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544 pagina′s

Prijs : € 84,00 aleen geldig voor 2015

Monografie della Societas Herpetologica Italica with patronage of Societas Europea Herpetologica

A complete checklist of about 190 snake species of the Western Palearctic

184 distributional colour maps

49 additional W/B maps showing the distribution of all genera and some species group

343 high quality colour photographs illustrating 160 species and many subspecies