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Titel The Reptiles of the Western Palearctic; Volume 1, 1. Annotated Checklist and Distributional Atlas of the Turtles, Crocodiles, Amphisbaenians and Lizards of Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.
AuteursR. Sindaco & V. K. Jeremčenko
Prijs € 78,00
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ISBN 978-88-89504-14-7
580 pagina′s

Prijs: € 78,00; alleen geldig voor 2015

Monografie della Societas Herpetologica Italica with patronage of Societas Europea Herpetologica: the reptiles

This book shows a comprehensive picture of the reptiles, excluding snakes, living in Europe, North Africa, Middle and Near East and Central Asia. The bulks of this book are an annotated checklist and a distributional atlas of about 500 species of lizards, crocodiles, turtles and terrapins, and amphisbaenians, living in the Western Palaearctic. Information on distribution, subspecies, chorotype, affinities and main references are provided for each species, as well as 226 nice colour maps showing the global distribution of all of the species on a grid of 1 degree. For each species map the bibliographic and original sources (more than 850 sources are listed) are indicated. Other 83 additional white and black maps show the distribution of all genera and main species groups of Palaearctic reptiles. Beside the checklist and the atlas, in some additional chapters the following arguments are treated: Materials and Methods; Status of knowledge on the Western Palaearctic reptiles; Composition of the Western Palaearctic reptile fauna (including a statement on biodiversity and species richness); Descriptive biogeography (including a discussion on the Palaearctic Region boundaries based on reptile distribution and the herpeto-geographic sectors of the Western Palaearctic); Conservation status. A list of more than 730 references quoted in the text and high quality colour plates, including photos of more than 250 species representative of almost all of the supraspecific taxa living in the study area, complete the book.