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Titel Funga Nordica, Agaricoid, boletoid, clavarioid, cyphelloid and gastroid genera
AuteursKnudsen, Henning; Vesterholt, Jan
Prijs € 109,00
Jaar van uitgifte2012 2. edition; ongewijzigde herdruk 2018
1083 pagina′s

Written by 49 experts from 16 European countries

Enlarged and updated, comprising now descriptions and keys to 3054 species of basidiomycetes from northern Europe, distributed in 278 genera

The new edition is complemented with the gastromycetes (incl. the basidiotruffles) and the clavarioid fungi (excl. Gomphales). Inner back cover with easy-to-use index to genera and an alphabetical index to +5000 species. 1083 pp. In two volumes, solid bound in blue buckram